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Saturday, March 20, 2010

E-Gay Mag --The Gay Men's e-book magazine

We just discovered this resource for Gay - E books. A great resource for both publishers and readers. Check out E-Gay Mag!

This web site is an off-shoot of GLB Publishers, designed to showcase e-book short fiction (novellas)and other non-standard works which may be a difficult form to sell as print books (spine is too narrow to show up on bookstore shelves) but can be quite successful as e-books to be downloaded to individuals' computers. Some authors include some of the text as an excerpt sample so the buyer has some idea what he is buying. GLB has generally preferred the book-length novels for printing and also for downloading as e-books (generally 70,000 words or more). For purposes of reference, we can define novellas as fiction  of 25,000 words to 55,000 words. We have also defined a Short Novella for this purpose. The royalty to be
paid depends on the length of the e-book, and word counts are indicated.
We have also established companion web sites:

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