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Wednesday, March 3, 2010 Makes Debut as Fastest Growing GLBT Social Network

Hundreds of GLBT Community Members Flock to Fledgling Site

After almost a year of development and discussions and a few false starts, finally came online on February 23,” says Rick Setter,  “To get things kicked off, we used the NING platform.”

Members can chat, both publically and privately, establish profiles, meet each other in subgroups – a whole host of functions.  Professional content, including movie and book reviews will be being added soon.  Members will have their ability to place items for sale in The Mall and post videos and blogs.

Advertisers are invited to come by the site and see the look and feel of the unique venture. continues to remain committed to the values on non-porn, pro-advocacy.  One immediate draw will be Reece Manley, DD, M.Ed., MPM’s exclusive content for his Spirit Thinking Coaching series.

In addition, the site contains the ability to post moderated videos and blog posts.  “We want to make the site as immense as the user would like to make it or an intimate.  The great thing is each user can do their own thing,” says Rick.

GLBT Community members are encouraged to drop by and enjoy the site.

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