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Monday, October 3, 2011

Chaz Bono: I Won't Dance to Cher

"Dancing with the Stars" contestant Chaz Bono said his musical preferences on the dance floor won't include songs from his mother, Cher.

"It won't happen," the transgender advocate told "Extra" correspondent Adrianna Costa. "It's just not want I'm into!"

Down 12 pounds and flexing some newfound muscles, Bono is still on the mend from a knee injury. "I'm probably 75 per cent, which is a big improvement from last week."

As for the controversy that is still following him, Bono said, "I don't really pay attention to the haters, but the people who've been so supportive have been a huge motivation for me."

Watch how Bono and Kardashian perform, Monday on "Dancing with the Stars"!

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