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Monday, December 24, 2007

Print 2.0?

Mention our competitors! Are you nuts?

That is probably what I would have said not too long ago as Echelon was just getting a footing on the Internet and was striving to increase brand exposure. Today is a different day. Now, naming your competitors and working together to help increase traffic on each other’s sites is the mainstay. Featuring competitors in “print”…. now who is ahead of the curve? is currently in construction on a brand new site that
features all of the elements of Web 2.0, but as that evolves, we hope your enjoy the articles in this issue pertaining to GLBT finance.

A GLBT finance issue is a relatively new item in today’s media. It not only serves the financial needs of our community but also tends to accentuate our collective personality as a people of substance that breaks down perceived myths.’s Allison Einbinder provides a bit of comfort as our minds unwillingly turn towards what we did with our money in 2007 and how that translates into our tax obligations.

Echelon is proud to announce the re-launch of (GayFinancialNetwork). Since 1998, Walter Schubert has been providing guidance on the issues affecting our money. I actually had the pleasure of meeting him back in 2004 and he took me on an awesome tour of the New York Stock Exchange. Schubert’s foresight in embracing Echelon back then demonstrated a keen sense of the current trend.

Aside from the other articles in this special focus on finance, I urge you to take a look at what Dr. Gary Gates of UCLA’s Williams Institute has to say about the media and quantitative surveys on our community. Dr. Gates is one of our
foremost experts on GLBT demographics and until the day comes when we
actually know how many of us there really are, keep your ear to the ground when you see or hear his name.

If you haven’t begun to incorporate the elements of Web 2.0 yet, I strongly
recommend it. We can all accomplish more by breaking down the invisible
barriers we set before ourselves and start working collaboratively.

Michael Lamb
Editor In Chief
Echelon Magazine