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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

“Ain’t no homos gonna make it to Heaven”

The Human Rights Campaign is strongly condemning the latest round of anti-LGBT rhetoric from extremist religious voices. In a disturbing video that is going viral, a child in church is singing a song that concludes with the line “ain’t no homos gonna make it to Heaven” – a line met with wild applause and a standing ovation by the congregation. The Huffington Post reports the Church where the video was shot to be the Apostolic Truth Tabernacle Church in Greensburg, Indiana.

HRC commissioned polling last year that found nearly 75 percent of people of faith believed religious leaders did more harm than good when they condemned LGBT people. The poll also found that 85 percent of people of faith felt their religious beliefs compelled them to support LGBT equality. Learn more about the intersection of religion and equality.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Paul and Matty Show

The Paul and Matty Show is an entertaining, inspiring, and often lighthearted hour of internet radio that caters to the GLBT community.  The boys like to say they’re the comic relief for the end of your day.

Broadcast live from New England every weekday evening, each hour is packed with celebrity guests, an all star team of regular contributors, and the always hilarious stories and antics straight from the crazy gay lives of Paul and Matty.

Thanks to their ability to be live, their content is fresh and topical:  stories ripped from the headlines; celebrity gossip from the latest movie or TV show; the latest trends in music and fashion; and an up to date look at what’s going on in and of interest to the GLBT community. With every topic, their goal is to find that which is inspirational and entertaining to their GLBT audience especially when they can make a point that helps tear down the stereotypes.  What sets these boys apart is their incredible rapport and their unique take on every topic as young gay men.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Gay Women's Gathering: Family Building

The American Fertility Association (The AFA), in association with California Cryobank, announced today a free seminar focused on family building for the lesbian community.

The Gay Women's Gathering will take place on Thursday, June 7th, from 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM at The Village at Ed Gould Plaza, 1125 North McCadden Place, in Los Angeles.

Critical information such as choosing a sperm donor, getting pregnant through insemination or in vitro fertilization (IVF) at home or not at home, unraveling the legal jargon, and maintaining optimum health will all be explored in a relaxed, conversational way.

"Finding a sperm donor, selecting an insemination procedure, and protecting both parents' legal rights can all have significant long-term financial, medical, and emotional impact on a lesbian family," stated Scott Brown, Director of Client Experience & Communications at California Cryobank, who will also be speaking at the event. Scott further stated, "California Cryobank is proud to be a part of this incredibly important evening of family building education and support."

Though the evening is focused on the lesbian community, family, friends, and supporters are encouraged to attend as well. A light meal will be served, and gift bags with educational content will be given to all participants.

The event is free, but reservations are requested by calling The AFA's Program Director, Corey Whelan, at 718-853.1411 or emailing

Friday, May 11, 2012

Gay Wine Weekend

The LGBT-oriented travel-and-event company Out In The Vineyard is hosting Gay Wine Weekend during the heart of June’s Gay Pride Month. Highlights of the event-packed weekend include a Wine & Dine OUT dinner at which local winemakers pair wines with delectable treats from three of the area’s top  restaurants, a meal and wine tasting at beautiful B. Wise Vineyards and Estate Restaurant, a cabaret night featuring drag-tastic “Russian opera diva Katya Smirnoff-Skyy” at Sebastiani Vineyards, a Winery Vista Tour at Gloria Ferrer and Nicholson Ranch Winery, a Twilight T-Dance to benefit the Sonoma County AIDS Network, the Big Gay Wine Auction & Brunch, and several more events. For more information on Gay Wine Weekend, visit

Tuesday, May 8, 2012



SAN DIEGO –  Today, the San Diego City Council unanimously voted to give final approval to rename a street after LGBT civil rights hero, Harvey Milk.  San Diego now becomes the first city in the country to have a street named for Harvey Milk.

A year ago, a group of community leaders came together around the notion the time had come to honor an LGBT civil rights leader in San Diego the same way we have given honor to other civil rights leaders  such as Cesar Chavez and Martin Luther King, Jr,” said Dwayne Crenshaw, San Diego LGBT Pride Executive Director. “Today marks a symbolic and significant moment in the movement forward towards the American value of equality.”

A celebratory unveiling of the new street is now planned for Harvey Milk’s birthday.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012
5:00 – 6:00 pm
at the corner of Harvey Milk Street (Blaine Ave.) and Centre Street

Speakers with include:
  • Nicole Murray-Ramirez – City Commissioner and Community Activist
  • Todd Gloria - City Council Member, District 3
  • Tony Young - City Council Member, District 4
  • Stuart Milk - Nephew of Harvey Milk
  • Dwayne Crenshaw - Executive Director - San Diego LGBT Pride
  • Delores Jacobs - Chief Executive Officer - The LGBT Community Center

A reception with refreshments, inside the LGBT Community Center, will conclude the evening after the program.   
Harvey served proudly as a member of the United States Navy – including time served in San Diego as a diving instructor.

Harvey Milk’s ground breaking election in 1978 as one of the world’s first openly gay elected officials - and its most visible one - symbolized the freedom to live life in full authenticity to millions of LGBT women and men around the world.

Harvey served less than a year in public office before his assassination, but his life profoundly changed a city, state, nation and a global community.  His courage, passion and sense of justice moved the nation and stirred the very core of an oppressed community; bringing forward new hope and a new vision of freedom.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

National Geographic's American Transgender

Male or female? Boy or girl? Most of us can answer that question without a second thought. But for some people, the answer isn’t so simple. Go firsthand into the daily lives of three people who are transgender, and witness their struggles for acceptance and the triumphs and hardships they face along the way. Clair’s family struggles to cope with losing a son and brother, while also learning to embrace their new daughter and sister. Jim became a heartthrob in the transgender community after participating on a transgender dating show but really wants to get married and raise a family. Eli returns home to his big, Italian-American family in Alabama hoping to win the support and guidance of his brother, so he can become the father and man that he wants to be. Hear their stories in their own words as we follow them through day-to-day life in a world that sees them as anything but normal.