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Monday, February 15, 2010

Where We Are On ENDA - Weekly ENDA Update

By Dr. Jillian Weiss

ENDA is still being held hostage by the House Committee on Education and Labor. Originally, it was being held up allegedly because language needed to be changed about the procedures for bringing a lawsuit.  It has now come out that there are more changes, specifically regarding transgender people, but the changes have not been made public. 

A "markup" procedure is expected to be held sometime in the next two months, and the bill will then be released to the House for a vote, where it is expected to pass.  However, while a majority of Senators support ENDA (55, to be exact), the Republicans are throwing a monkey wrench into progress in the Senate.  They are filibustering every single Democratic bill.  That means 60 votes are needed, instead of 50. 

It appears likely that the best chance to pass ENDA is to amend this "monkey wrench" rule that allows Republicans to sink every Democratic initiative.  Unfortunately, "Majority" Leader Harry Reid is saying that the monkey wrench rule can't be changed unless it receives 67 votes.  This is incorrect, and it appears that he is trying to avoid having to bring any controversial bills to a vote.

More on this here: 

Senate "Monkey Wrench" Rule Repeal Only Needs 51 Votes;

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