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Friday, February 26, 2010

OutFront Colorado Readers Vote “OUTstanding Online Dating Site”

Out Front Colorado set their readers to the task of choosing the most OUTstanding people, places and things in Colorado - and they came through. In naming Connexion the most “OUTstanding Online Dating Site” OutFront Colorado’s editors comment: “Where OFC readers meet Mr. Right, Mr. Right Now and Mr. Umm, Be Right Back.”

Tim Gill founded in 2003 to provide members of the LGBT community with a clean, socially focused outlet to meet people and create lasting relationships. As a member of, you can chat with fellow members, organize events, post videos and blog entries, and stay informed about issues affecting the gay and lesbian community – all at no cost.

The Denver, Colorado, based company reached its first 100,000 members after a series of Halloween parties in their home city, and buzz continues to grow as active membership exceeds 140,000. Unlike other networking sites, is focused on encouraging interaction between members and creating lifelong friendships and romances. user Chris in Ohio writes that “just when I thought guys weren’t in my future here comes Scott on IM, pops up on my screen and we meet and things really kick off for us. Your site made that possible for me. Thank you so much!” allows gay and lesbian people to go beyond staying in touch with high school friends or arranging hookups, instead delving into political debates and sharing ideas. One of the most popular features of the site is the “Queer and Questioning” section, in which members can post discussion questions that are open to the entire community. Topics range from dinner recipe suggestions to long conversations over current events. is not simply an online portal to the dating world. They also organize cocktail parties, movie nights, and outdoor adventure trips, which all members are encouraged to attend with their friends. With, gays and lesbians can be assured of a free, safe, and fun place to meet people and create bonds that can last a lifetime.

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