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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

“My Uncle Gloria” Inspires Life-Altering Change

Transformation of 62-Year-Old Tough Uncle Butch to Attractive Aunt Gloria at 66 in Memoir

At age 62, most people have accepted their life choices and are planning retirement from their fulfilled career to a more quiet and serene lifestyle. Bernard “Butch” Rosichan, however, decided to go through a life-altering change at age 66. Thus, the old-school gruff and surly auto wrecking & salvage owner underwent a transformation via male-to-female reassignment surgery. Today, she goes by the name of Gloria Stein and is a naturally feminine-looking Jewish grandma!

Gloria’s larger-than-life personality and inspiring story has entertained and captivated the hearts of thousands of South Floridians as well as changed the lives of her family members forever. Gloria’s nephew, Steven Shulman, is to release a memoir chronicling how his uncle’s road to self-rediscovery reflected his own rebirth, titled, “My Uncle Gloria.”

I found in Gloria what I had always hoped to find in Butch, a loving, caring family member,” says Shulman. “Because of her unique journey, my family is now more complete than ever. This memoir is the first step in sharing her beautiful story with the world and helping others.”

This inspiring tale follows the life of Shulman, who battled troubles with drugs due to family turmoil and how the transition and metamorphosis of a gruff uncle to a fierce, funny and loving aunt marked the start of his reconciliation with a problematic past, into a life filled with promise and family love.

Gloria Stein, who founded the South Florida Gender Coalition, now has become a leading advocate to educate the general public regarding misconceptions of the transgendered community. 

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