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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Can a music video spark an LGBT movement?

Bye June is a band advocating equality and love in their track "Shades of Purple" from their album "My Life is an Independent Film". Gil Kline, Gunner Sledgeski, and Daniel McGreal, the members of the Rockville, Maryland based band knew they had a hit on there hands when they saw the finished video. Yet, they didn't expect the reaction they received to their newly released music video from the LGBT community.  The band collaborated with world-renowned shadowgrapher Sati Achath for the music video, which is about marriage equality and the freedom to love whomever you choose.

Gil Kline tells us that "Shades of Purple" is the first pop music video to utilize shadow puppetry. Said Kline: “We asked our fans to choose a track for a music video, and they voted online for this song. I am very pleased, since this song has deep meaning and an important social message. Also, we were fortunate to have Mr. Achath on our team, he truly brought the characters to life." Said Achath: "Shadowgraphy is a very old art-form, and I am very excited to bring this art-form to a whole new generation. I fell in love with this project for the music, message and medium."

The day of the release, the band was flooded with messages of support from the LGBT community. The video features a swan looking for love, that is shunned by society; the swan finally finds its true love after a protest - "Swan Pride." The band decided to start an online community on Facebook called "The Swan Pride Movement." They are calling for all people to come together to celebrate love equality by 'liking' a Facebook page at It is a beautiful idea reminiscent of the 1960's, their goal is 100,000 likes. The page is open to comments from the 'swans' that joined the movement, and many touching stories were shared since the movement went public January 16th.

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