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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gay Wedding Guards!

Yesterday, gay marriage was legalized in California, the wedding business are going to see a great increase in weddings for the rest of the year. Although the great news may inspire people for equality, others are still against the proposition being passed.

To help our fellow friends in assuring a safe and pleasant wedding, guardNOW has already been named the “Gay Wedding” Private Security guard company by “Engayged Weddings.”

As a new security guard company we are assuring safety to all our California’s at their weddings. The press and the public will be interested in the many weddings that will be taking place starting next month in the gay community, security guards will be a tactic to use to keep unwanted guest and people against gay marriages out of the way. As the go to Security Guard Company we want you to help us inform the gay community that there is a national company catering to them specifically.

Gay marriages are not new to the country, but California is happy to finally be a part of the states that have passed the law. guardNOW services all of California and wants to reach out to as many newly engaged couples that are bow allowed to legally be married.

Our franchisee’s Nate Brown and Joe Luke service Northern and Southern California and are available for tips and insight on ways the gay community is going to need security help for their weddings. With there 15 years in law enforcement their tips to the public on wedding safety could help the newcomers.

Until the end of September guardNOW will be giving all newly engaged and soon to be married couples 15% off their entire wedding order.

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