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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Same sex wedding bands spearheading new luxury category of jewelry

Sam Street is the breakout pioneer in marriage equality jewelry with the launch of Proposition Love. Street, who was married to his partner Jonathan in 2008 in San Francisco, has set out to create a line of fashion jewelry, with a focus on same sex engagement and wedding rings.

Street is not just entrepreneurial, but has the authoritative voice and aesthetic in this wide open space. With the battle being won state by state, Street highlights the turn towards equality with his Countdown Collection that honors each state as they become part of the long awaited Civil Rights Movement for the LGBT (now including Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, District of Columbia, New Hampshire, New York, Washington and Maryland) and donates a portion of every ring sale to political action to ensure that every couple in every state can enjoy what they already have as our country finally ends up on the right side of history. The entire collection speaks with a voice of love and commitment to all, supporting the rights of all, regardless of orientation.

With a nod to the historical iconography of the pink triangle, the foundational efforts of the gay rights movement are honored with the triangle incorporated in to each piece and as the foundation of the Proposition Love logo.

Please click HERE to view linesheets from the collection. Prices range from $45-$6000 and are available at


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