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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

HOT Shots 2012 Highlights Young LGBTQ Professionals

OUT for Work is proud to announce the release of a new career resource for LGBTQ college students transitioning from academia to the workplace: HOT Shots 2012. Sponsored by pharmaceutical leader, Merck, this resource will inspire the next generation of LGBTQ employees by highlighting and sharing the stories of those younger professionals already in the workplace.HOT Shots 2012 will be distributed this fall to colleges across the United States and available for download in OUT for Work’s Virtual Career Center.

Young professionals from Fortune 500 companies such as Boeing, Oracle, PNC, and BP; government agencies including US Department of State and USAID; and academia and the nonprofit sector such as The American Sociological Association, University of Vermont, and NASPA provide highlights and advice on preparing for the workplace.  Topics include job search processes, resume writing, interviewing techniques, coming out in the workplace, and affects of being openly LGBTQ in the workplace.  “My colleagues can sense that I am being authentic in my interactions and conversations with them.  Being out and bringing my entire self to work has helped me achieve the greatest success possible”, stated Jacob Benjamin Hanna of Deloitte Consulting.

Copies of HOT Shots 2012 can be purchased at  “This is a must-have for not only for LGBTQ students but anyone who is involved in the career development of LGBTQ individuals”, stated Riley Folds, Founding Executive Director of OUT for Work.  “In addition, for those companies who are looking for new ways to attract talent, this is a great way to increase your brand to the LGBTQ community”, Folds added.  OUT for Work is currently looking for HOT Shots for the 2013 publication. For more information, visit or email

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