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Monday, August 8, 2011

"Crazy Eyes Bachman" Makes Cover of Newsweek

Republican presidential candidate, Michelle Bachman graces the cover of next week's Newsweek and it really makes one wonder who was the genius photo editor to choose this shot of her. It's as if her anti-gay rhetoric and misinformed comments weren't enough. On top of it all, her nickname in gay media is "Crazy Eyes" which is clearly depicted in this shot. Goodness, you tell me. Would you like this person to have their finger on the "button?"

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  1. It seems to me almost unbelievable that someone could be an attorney and hold such irrational (some would even say delusional or psychotic) views and YET, rise to the level of being a serious presidential candidate. I think this says volumes about the danger our country finds itself in. We need rational leaders willing to put differences aside (rather than inflame them). Leaders able to negotiate (without domination OR backing down too far), working on solutions that are realistic and capable of success.


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