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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Simon Doonan shares why "Gay Men Don't Get Fat"

Simon Doonan, Creative Ambassador at Large of Barney's, talks about his new book "Gay Men Don't Get Fat" and answers a few questions exclusively for dot429.

Q: What ratio of gay food to straight food is best?
Simon Doonan: I believe in 50/50. For every big fat gay steak, there must be a fluffy nelly salad.

Q: Can gay food be "reformed" by battering and frying it?

Doonan: Absolutely!! If you deep fry one of those delicate tangerine macaroons, it is the equivalent of giving it a sex-change.

Q: Do you anticipate Republican presidential candidates taking an oath that they will never eat gay food?
Doonan: The all looks so nervous every time the word "gay" comes up that you start to wonder why it's such a hot button. They need to eat more Arugula and less Velveta.

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