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Sunday, January 15, 2012


Site Aims to Serve as Resource to Identify Supportive Establishments and Public Figures for LGBT and Allied Communities

Rainbow Chronicle (, the first online community to allow users to rate businesses, events, organizations, and individuals based upon their LGBT friendliness, today announces its official launch. Conceived in response to the spike in gay suicides and episodes of bullying throughout the U.S. in 2010, Rainbow Chronicle seeks to serve as a singular resource for LGBT individuals to locate and identify safe and trusted allies, while also calling attention to businesses and public figures who perpetuate bigotry and homophobia.

Building on the model of established online sites for leisure and travel, Rainbow Chronicle features user-generated reviews with numerical ratings based on LGBT friendliness. On a scale of -5 (poor) to +5 (excellent), these ratings take into account variables such as Good for Same-Sex Couples, Attitude of Customers, Good for Large LGBT Groups, etc. Beyond simply reviewing hotels, bars, and restaurants, Rainbow Chronicle features reviews of organizations and corporations, detailing diversity initiatives and partner/spousal benefits, and also rates individuals, ranging from globally-recognized figures like Lady Gaga, to a local priest or sports coach.

Rainbow Chronicle was inspired by the widespread online campaigns launched by national celebrities working to instill hope for the future in at-risk youth,” states company co-founder Travis Lowry. “Rainbow Chronicle aims to offer a platform to help these same individuals, as well as established and allied communities, navigate the current landscape to identify safe and trusted outlets, be it a gay-friendly coffee shop or “out” local business leader to offer advice or support. Our hope is that this site will connect users to share information, feel safe in their communities and while traveling, and ultimately help counter ignorant behavior and bigoted business practices.”

While there are a number of existing online LGBT communities and networking and news sites, Rainbow Chronicle differentiates itself in the following ways:

·         Only site allowing users to rate people, places or events based on LGBT-friendliness
·         Guaranteed safe-for-work (SFW) online professional site for the LGBT community
·         Only user-generated news site catering to LGBT interests without media affiliation
·         Heat-Mapping System: Used only before in military applications, Rainbow Chronicle allows users to quickly visualize their local community according to its LGBT ratings

While initially inspired to reach at-risk LGBT youth, Rainbow Chronicle co-founders Travis Lowry and Conor Clary have designed the site to also cater to established adult LGBT audiences and allies seeking trusted outlets in their hometown region or while traveling. Rainbow Chronicle seeks to connect communities on all levels to foster support of accepting and liberal establishments and individuals, while working to influence change amongst public figures, corporations or small business who act in a bigoted manner.

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