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Monday, May 23, 2011


What compelled Chaz Bono to cross the gender line?  Why does homosexuality defy evolution’s dictate for reproduction?  And how does sexual orientation develop, anyway?  Whether curious about the neurological process of arousal, or inquisitive about why humans have sex for reasons other than procreation, the World Science Festival’s first R-rated program can satisfy the desire for knowledge.

The Origins of Orientation: Sexuality in 2011” on Sat. June 4 at 8 p.m. in New York City is an up-to-the-minute look at the latest research on sex, sexuality and gender. Despite playing a profound role in shaping identity for much of human history, the secrets of sexuality and gender have remained obscure.  Four noted scientists (in psychology, neurobiology and behavioral neuroscience) will lead an explicit and eye-opening discussion on the latest sex and gender research including:

·        the impact of hormones on a developing fetus;
·        the evolution of lesbian Macaque monkeys in Japan;
·        the Samoa fa’afafine culture in which biological males live “in the manner of women”;
·        and the current state of drugs designed to treat sexual arousal and desire disorders.

Find out more about the panelists here:  Panelists are available to talk about the program in advance; reservations for press seats are now being taken.  For interviews and RSVPs, contact or call Goodman Media International at 212-576-2700.

The Origins of Orientation” is part of the 2011 World Science Festival, a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to making science accessible to all.  For details about all World Science Festival events from June 1-5 in New York, visit

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