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Friday, October 17, 2008

GLAAD + Log Cabin Republicans = Major Hypocrisy

by Michael Volpatt, EDGE Contributor

For the last ten years of my life I’ve moved back and forth from San Francisco to New York, and have had the chance to interact with all sorts of people. As a small business owner who works ’virtually,’ I make my own schedule and live where I want to live, which is why I chose San Francisco as my home base.

When I moved back to San Francisco three years ago I was invited to have dinner with a group of new friends. During dinner the discussion turned to politics and one of the guests, named Scott, began to talk about his support for the Republican Party. Mind you, Scott is gay, and when I heard that he supported the Bush administration- and therefore their discriminatory policies- my blood began to boil.

Since then, every time I see Scott, I make it a point to ask him whether he’s changed his thinking to be in line with a party that openly supports the gay community, rather than the party that works actively to repress us. In person and via email I’ve tried to explain the fact (and it is a fact) that our rights as gay men and women (not to mention other rights, including Roe vs. Wade among others) will be challenged if the three supreme court justice nominations that will likely come up in the next election swing to the conservative side of the coin.

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  1. Have you noticed that GLAAD became pretty much moribund after Neil Giuliano took over?


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