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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Interview With Scott Gatz, New Owner of Queerty

Scott Gatz, CEO of has plans to acquire the assets of after the previous owner, David Hauslaib shut it down following disagreements with the site's contracted operators. Scott discusses with Echelon how it all came about and what we can look forward to on the new Queerty.

How did your acquisition of Queerty come about?

We were all avid readers of Queerty here at GayCities, and we were saddened to see the site shuttered. As soon as we heard that Queerty was going to close (Sunday, April 17), I reached out to David Hauslib (the founder of Jossip Initiatives, the owner of Queerty) to see if there was any way to keep it going. After about a week of conversation, GayCities offered to buy certain assets of Queerty, David quickly agreed, and we started planning for it's relaunch which is happening today.

What was the impetus for acquiring the site?

As a company, GayCities brings together a community of people to connect and share the best of what's happening everywhere. While the GayCities site and mobile apps focus on the people, places and events in your town and site, Queerty will allow us to cover the whole spectrum of gay life.    Queerty comes with a thriving and engaged community which pairs nicely with GayCities' own community. And, from a business side, the combination of GayCities and Queerty reaches well over 1 million monthly visitors which is attractive to businesses who support the site's operations through advertising.

What will this mean for gaycities?

GayCities is going full steam ahead. GayCities has been hitting record traffic levels in the last few weeks. We expect to share GayCities content on Queerty and introduce Queerty's users to all the great stuff that GayCities has to offer. From a business side, GayCities sales team will be able to sell more comprehensive advertising deals across both sites and audiences.

Will you be making any changes to queerty? if so, how?

We're dedicated to maintaining the original, creative and entertaining voice of Queerty. We will be bringing back some of Queerty's top writers and adding some new voices and editorial features as well. We'll build upon today's Queerty, using GayCities' expertise in social experiences and user generated content. Chris Bull, our Editorial Director, and his content team have make GayCities the place that has entertaining, reliable, accurate, up-to-date info about cities worldwide. Now he'll apply his expertise to Queerty's content to make it the place for LGBTs to turn. We’re also bringing back key Queerty writers including Daniel Villareal, who will post daily from Dallas, while adding a bunch of our own stars such as Matt Baume, Dan Tracer, Oscar Raymundo, Dan Renzi, Scott Wallis, Jeff Katz and GayCities New York City editor Jeffrey James Keyes.

Some say that this business model is now growing outdated. do you agree? If not why?

There’s always a place for unique voices on the internet and Queerty’s voice has enabled it to grow at a time when other media are in decline or closing.   Both GayCities and Queerty are creating vibrant online and mobile communities.  We see these communities as the future of the internet and mobile technologies. 

From a business perspective, we can help advertisers reach a valuable demographic.    LGBT consumers have over $800 billion spending power and we are often more loyal and we often spend more than our straight counterparts.    GayCities & Queerty will help advertisers reach over 1,000,000 unique visitors each month.

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