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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Echelon Profile: DJ Dan De Leon

Argentinean DJ Dan De Leon’s signature performances weave latin-inspired rhythms and progressive House with powerful baselines, thunderous tribal beats, unforgettable melodies and popular “Top 40” vocals to create experiences that are both magically appealing and unquestionably his own.

Forging a maverick career as DJ, music producer and filmmaker. One of the youngest feature film producers in history, he had his debut at the 1997 Sundance Film Festival, described as “A monumental achievement [and] an inspiration to young filmmakers everywhere” by the prestigious film festival. De Leon is a creative force who is bending genre, breaking the rules and bringing it all together with an eye towards what’s next.

Featured in the cover story of February’s AMBIENTE magazine, De Leon says, “Many young persons in the LGBTQ community find it very hard to be themselves – to express themselves creatively &  openly. You have to let go and truly open yourself to vulnerability.There is no way you can learn and grow if you remain tied to old forms or conventions, then again you can’t succeed unless you intricately understand these forms & conventions. It’s a process of exposure and exploration, of studying and risk taking. You have to be driven to do this, you have to yearn to find your own path, your own VOICE.”

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