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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ex-Editors Team Up To Launch "B" Magazine in May

The original XY Magazine and Abercrombie’s A&F Quarterly defined the style of a generation.

Now their ex-editors, Peter Ian Cummings (XY) and Savas Abadsidis (A&F), are teaming up.
They will launch B MAGAZINE-GAY MAGAZINE OF THE FUTURE in May-June 2011.

B MAGAZINE promises to become an essential style & political item.

The longtime editors of the two iconic magazines, Peter and
Savas, are joined by almost all the significant players of the Original XY editorial team, to launch their new magazine for young gay men, B MAGAZINE; and a companion all-photo magazine, ALL AMERICAN GUYS (AAG).

Both B MAGAZINE and AAG go on sale nationally in May-June. They will be in most bookstores including Barnes and Noble and Borders, and subscriptions to both titles are now available at BMAG.US.

B MAGAZINE also recently launched a 300-page website at WWW.BMAG.US, which contains hundreds of pages of photos, articles, strange sounds, space-age stories from 2069, and even the
ability to visit staffers Peter, Savas, Nathan Smorynski, and Eriq Chang in their virtual “rooms” in the “B Penthouse,” and to read the entire “New York Times of the future.”

Dubbed “Magazine of the Future,” B MAGAZINE is the only gay magazine aimed at the 18-35 demographic. It is what Abadsidis calls “a somewhat luxurious, highly cool product.”

Cummings said “each printed issue will be beautifully produced and become a collectible.”

But the main point of B, says Cummings, is just that “we’re going to show real life, not be scared to
tell the truth or be a little sexy. We all wanted to write how gay really is, and to photograph the
real life—leaving out all the usual boring mumbo-jumbo. B is a thinking cool person’s magazine.”
In addition to Cummings and Abadsidis, the B MAG Team also includes veteran XY editors
Eriq Chang (media and style), Nathan Smorynski (politics) and Brandon Alexander
(entertainment), all of whom are gay youth icons; and well-known photographers and producers
B B Magazines Hollywood

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