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Wednesday, February 2, 2011 Launches!

LGBT older adults have a new forum to help envision and create an aging society informed by the best lessons and thinking of the LGBT community:, launching today, is a new national blog and platform curated by long-time LGBT aging advocate, Loree Cook-Daniels.  Cook-Daniels founded the Transgender Aging Network, is a contributing editor to Victimization of the Elderly and Disabled, and has been working on LGBT policy issues since the mid-1970s.  GPP is sponsored by FORGE (   FORGE's Transgender Aging Network is one of 11 partners in the U.S. Administration on Aging-funded National Resource Center on LGBT Aging (, and administers grants from the U.S. Office for Victims of Crime and the Office on Violence Against Women.

For more information, contact FORGE at 414-559-2123 or is designed to:
  • Help readers know about and weigh in on policies that affect LGBT elders;
  • Disseminate ideas, programs, and resources that can improve the lives of LGBT older adults;
  • Provide a forum for envisioning and creating an aging future informed by the best lessons and thinking of the LGBT community; and
  • Showcase LGBT older adults. is also the home of "Have You Thanked?", a viral campaign that sponsors daily questions designed to help people recognize our interconnections and interdependence, and begin to envision old age as a time of intellectual and creative productivity and connection.

People can contribute to by submitting blog posts for consideration, using the comments section, or donating photographs.  For those wanting to regularly follow posts, offers an RSS feed that will send you emails when updates are made, or you can follow Loree Cook-Daniels on Twitter (@LoreeCD) or Facebook.

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