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Monday, February 21, 2011

dot429 Launches workOPEN

This week dot429 launches workOPEN, a new web campaign created in conjunction with Saks Fifth Avenue. workOpen is designed to celebrate members of the LGBT social network who are open and proud about their sexuality in the workplace. Ultimately, this project’s goal is to reach LGBT professionals with a simple message: progress in business and our professional lives is even more achievable when we are open about our sexual orientation.

The workOPEN campaign features videos by LGBT professionals sharing their inspirational stories about being open about their sexuality in the workplace. Similar to the “It Gets Better” campaign, dot429 hopes that the workOPEN campaign will ignite a viral effect with LGBT professionals and our allies around the world shooting their own videos and sharing their own stories (Email your video to

To kickoff the video campaign, retired Naval officer Zoe Dunning, who was the first person to challenge the military’s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and win, and other influential out professionals and our allies who encourage working open share their stories of being open in the workplace.


We live in an amazing time, when everyone from the President of the United States to major celebrities are stepping up to the plate in defense of our LGBTQ youth. The tide is certainly changing, and each of us can still do our part to make being open in the workplace more accepted.

Filming will be held on the 5th floor at The Saks Fifth Avenue Men’s Store in San Francisco on February 26, 2011 from 3pm – 6pm where you can share your story.  You can view workOPEN video submissions here.  If you cannot make it on the 26th, we encourage you to share your story with us. Email your video to

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