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Sunday, May 9, 2010

The New Social Networking Website for the Deaf GLBTQ community!

“After meeting Martin (Ritchie), I realized that in making our great leap forward as a community, we had left many of our brothers and sisters behind,”

This realization came to Michael Bamford, Founder of Frisky Factory LLC, who immediately began the creation of once Mr. Richie, an accomplished Fashion Model and Television Personality, professed his community, the GLBTQ Deaf Community, as socially isolated. is specifically tailored for the GLBTQ Deaf and their Friends & Admirers to help eliminate the loneliness and social isolation those in the GLBTQ Deaf Community might feel. will virtually unite the millions of GLBTQ Deaf & their Friends across the English Speaking World. Users can interact through Live Chat, rich web messaging and stay mobile through their iPhones. aspires the to be the leading website where the GLBTQ Deaf and their Friends & Admirers go to find others for friendship, travel, dating and more! allows the gay deaf community (in all English-speaking countries) and their supporters to interact through a ‘Live Chat’ function, as well as, email.  Soon they will add a video-conferencing function.  This stunning new platform will allow the deaf and hearing populations to directly communicate without sign language, in English.  Its search function will allow you to find men or women with common interests in a defined geographical area for social interaction.  No longer will deaf gay people be isolated from full participation in our community.

For more details or interview requests please contact Austin Head via phone or email at 480.292.5083 or

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