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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Lambda Legal Statement on Arkansas Adoption Ruling

'This ruling opens the doors of many, many homes to needy children.'
Little Rock, Ark - In response to a ruling Friday that overturned Act 1, an
Arkansas law banning unmarried couples living together from adopting or
fostering children, Lambda Legal Supervising Senior Staff Attorney Ken
Upton issued the following statement:

"We're extremely pleased the judge has put the interests of children first.

This is the second time that radical anti-gay forces in Arkansas have been
willing to deny safe, stable homes children just to express disapproval of
gay and lesbian adults who are ready and willing to serve as fit parents.
And let's be clear-- while Act 1 is aimed at any unmarried adult couple
sharing a home, we all know who its real targets were:  Arkansas' gay and
lesbian couples, who are barred by a constitutional amendment from

When thousands of children need homes, it's cruel and nonsensical to limit
the pool of loving parents just because one segment of the population
doesn't like them.  This ruling opens the doors of many, many homes to
needy children.  We applaud Judge Piazza for his decision and the ACLU for
a case well fought."

Arkansas voters approved Act 1 in 2008, two years after the state Supreme
Court overturned a policy that barred any person from being a foster parent
if the person resided in the same household with a gay or lesbian adult.

Pulaski County Circuit Court Judge Chris Pulaski ruled Friday that Act 1
unconstitutionally requires an unmarried couple to choose between their
relationship and parenthood.

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