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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Christian Singer Jennifer Knapp Comes Out

Award-winning Christian pop singer Jennifer Knapp discusses her return to music from a soul-searching hiatus and reveals how she reconciled her spiritual life with her sexuality.

Check out Knapp’s full interview with The Advocate here:


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On the lineup of the first Lilith Fair, she had crossover appeal even then, though her name is most indelibly known to the fans of “Jesus music.” The rumors dogged her then as they dog her now. They said Jennifer Knapp canceled all her gigs and sold every inch of gear save one acoustic guitar because she was a lesbian. She stopped answering her email, going months without talking even to her mother or her manager, because she was a lesbian. She dropped out of sight because she was a lesbian. And now, poised to release her first studio album in years, Jennifer Knapp is ready to face those rumors. Turns out they’re true: Jennifer Knapp is a lesbian.”

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