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Friday, September 18, 2009

GayFranchise Adds New Short Form

Echelon's franchise subsidiary, is constantly working on building traffic, generating more leads for clients and optimizing the site as much as possible.

We have already established that there is a need in the franchise industry for Gays and Lesbians to identify equality-minded or gay-friendly franchise concepts. just went through a major SEO transition which has increased traffic tremendously.

As a lead generator for franchise sales, it is of utmost importance to capture the visitor by enticing them to fill out a feedback form. Up to now, our feedback forms landed at the end of each listing. That longer form still exists today and has worked well, but many of our interested visitors may be interested but may not have the time to fill out the form.

Hence, the short feedback form was created and installed and seems to be working pretty well.

So if you are one of those looky-loos who want to make a change in your career by attaining autonomy, confidence and joy at work, take a look at our gay-friendly clients who are all ready, willing and able to launch your new franchise.

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