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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Federal court dismisses lawsuit from lesbian banned from dying partner's bedside

Lambda Legal calls decision in favor of Fla. hospital 'tragic'

A federal court has dismissed a lawsuit by a lesbian who was banned by a Florida hospital from being with her life partner during her final hours.

Lisa Pond, Janice Langbehn and their three adopted children were on a gay “R Family” cruise in February 2007 when Pond, 39, suffered a brain aneurysm that led to her being hospitalized.

Despite the couple having the necessary legal forms, officials at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami allegedly prevented Langbehn and the couple’s children from seeing Pond during her final hours. Hospital officials allegedly informed Langbehn that she was in an anti-gay city and state, and that they would not recognize her power of attorney authority.

Read an interview with Langbehn as well as a survey of Atlanta hospital's and their LGBT policies here.

1 comment:

  1. I can't even wrap my arms around how a federal court can call this rational, fair, moral, reasonable or just.

    It's unfortunate that people who have been given the responsibility to judge (which is in itself questionable), are unable to do so without bias despite their sworn duty to do so.

    Did they give reasons for the dismissal?


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