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Thursday, April 16, 2009

National Day Of Silence -

Tomorrow, April 17th, hundreds of thousands of students across the country will take a vow of silence, as part of the National Day of Silence, a protest to the harassment, bullying, prejudice and violence aimed at gay and lesbian youth. Becoming part of this deliberate silence is the first step toward fighting these injustices and ending the hatred and discrimination against GLBT youth. And while homosexuality remains a taboo topic for many gay youth, especially those living in religious or conservative communities, many teens are turning to the Internet to share their feelings and to begin to open up about their sexuality and the challenges they face.

Thanks to social networking sites, especially those that provide anonymity like , today’s GLBT youth have found a reprieve where they can feel free to be who they really are, and find a supportive network of online “friends” to aid in their transition out of the closet. These members share their experiences, ask questions of other users, and develop relationships that can see them through tough times, encouraging them to live openly and honestly, and not to accept the harassment they encounter. (EP) is an online social networking site that connects people based on their life experiences rather than by who they know, and is home to 2M+ unique experiences, including groups such as “I am a closet Lesbian,” “My Parents are Gay,” and “I am a Gay Christian.” This anonymous forum creates a community where members can share their thoughts and questions, free from the fear of judgment in a safe environment. would love to encourage you to take the vow of silence tomorrow and come online instead, to share your stories of how living in silence, even for just one day, has affected you.

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