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Monday, April 6, 2009

Los Angeles Magazine covers a gay library, which few glbt publications do

The Apirl issue of Los Angeles Magazine has many fine interesting articles. It also has one of its lists of interesting places in the area that no other area will have. The list is of seven unusual libraries, and that is what I have asked gay publicatins to do for years.

In the list is a cooking library collection (main L. A. Library) a cat collection (Glendale Library) and "pioneer town collection, strange name, and that is ONE Institute at USC.

Anyone visiting L. A. should have a copy of this publication, It gives great shopping places each issue, taking one street or area. It has an article on a city councilperson. It has a great article on 10 small cities on the coast, and it has a short but interesting question and answer column in each issue about mainly early L. A. (As does New Orleans Magazine).
By Billy Glover

Once again, the general media is doing the gay media's job. How many lgbt travel guides list actual "gay" places? There have been articles for black Americans on how to travel around the nation or one area and visit historic civil rights locations-the state of Louisiana has such a guide and Alabama mentions such a place in a tv ad for the state.

Has the Advocate, on LOGO etc ever done coverage of glbt libraries/archives? The general press covers the listing of Frank Kameny's home as an historic location.
Books have mentioned where Harry Hay et al lived and founded Mattachine. Is it listed on a gay web site? Is the home of Don Slater? Del Martin?

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