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Sunday, April 12, 2009

GenderVision: Transgender at Work

As transgender people work towards fair and equal protection of their right to work at both state and federal levels, many grapple with the realities of being singled out for mistreatment in the workplace. Ethan St. Pierre, former police officer & security guard, and female-to-male transsexual talks about his experience of being harassed and fired simply because of his gender. Alishia Ouelette, firefighter and male-to-female transsexual talks about her experience as a firefighter in Danvers, where she remains on the job after undergoing intense public scrutiny.

Produced and hosted by Nancy Nangeroni and Gordene MacKenzie, GenderVision is available for cablecast from , and is currently cablecast in Beverly and Weston, MA, as well as parts of CA, NH, IA, WA, & ME. Programs are available for direct viewing and downloading at .

Gordene O. MacKenzie, PhD., author of "Transgender Nation," serves as an associate professor and director of the Women's and Gender Studies Program at Merrimack College. Nancy Nangeroni, founder of GenderTalk Radio, currently Chair of the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition ( Gordene and Nancy are life partners who've been working together on gender education and advocacy since 1998; they co-hosted GenderTalk radio ( for over 9 years. They co-produce and co-host GenderVision, which is taped at BevCam cable access studio in Beverly, MA. If you would like to view GenderVision on your local cable access channel, you can find out how to do it by visiting, where you can also watch the program, learn more about it, buy DVDs and help support this all-volunteer production.

GenderVision is a production of Gender Education & Media, Inc, a non-profit organization formed to support educational work promoting an inclusive understanding of gender issues. Please consider donating to support the continued production of GenderVision programs.

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