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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Safety In Numbers

It’s been said many times that business is the social change agent that ultimately affects us politically. Thank God for that. In order for businesses to increase their sales volume, they have to have an understanding of who their buyers are and make adjustments to their internal corporate culture as well as their products and services to meet the needs of their customers.

Corporate America has made incredible strides toward
streamlining their companies to match their customers. The HRC’s Corporate Equality Index reports higher amounts of companies that score 100% every year. Equality Forum just produced recent numbers indicating that improvements are now being made towards a better workplace environment for our transgendered co-workers.

So as corporate America does their part, GLBT professionals must also step up to the plate by
participating in the various surveys and studies that are being conducted on our community. Since our demographic is not even considered in the US Census, we can only speculate as to how large the GLBT community is in America. Companies like Witeck-Combs Communications, Harris Interactive, Opuscomm Group and others calculate annual surveys which are then utilized by corporations to beef up their connection to our community.

Our government has a very delayed “keep up with the Joneses” relationship with corporate America. Although it may take them a year and a day to drift towards the obvious trends, they eventually see the light. ENDA (the Employment Non-Discrimination Act) would have stayed on the cutting room floor
without the collaborative efforts of the Human Rights Campaign and our very honorable “counters.”

Whether you’re an out professional or questioning whether to have your second coming out as an out professional, when that form comes in your email - FILL IT OUT.

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