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Thursday, August 16, 2007

July/Aug 2007 Issue

Things are looking up for GLBT business! ENDA (the Employment Non-Discrimination Act) was
re-introduced in Congress and Echelon is back in print.

The rebirth of a bill to provide basic protections in the workplace coincides with the resurrection of the only GLBT-business publication in America.
Whether or not ENDA goes through this time, Echelon emerges as the leader in Gay business
media and will continue to present the case to
support the rule of equality in the workplace.

Bob Witeck of Witeck-Combs Communications graces our pages like a lifeguard on the beach
giving a green light to all corporations that will alleviate their fears on marketing their products and sevices to our community. This insightful interview poses as a stalwart benchmark on media politics.

Kathleen Watt turns in a unique and innovative article on the program for GLBT self-identification in the workplace initiated by Sun Microsystems Inc. Quantifying our numbers at work sets the stage for finally acknowledging our community’s major contributions in the business milieu.

We hope you enjoy the great diversity of our editorial content as we begin a long and successful dialogue, providing you with the motivation and inspiration to help you succeed in your career.

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Michael Lamb

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