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Sunday, September 16, 2007

National Weekend Stories on ENDA, Southern Comfort Conference

An Update Provided By The Human Rights Campaign

I wanted to bring a couple of major stories that appeared over the weekend to your attention:

1) Late Friday evening the Associated Press posted the first major, national mainstream media story leading up to the ENDA mark-up that is believed to be happening this upcoming week in the US House. I have copied the story below and it can also be found online at: The story starts to bring into focus the political landscape around the legislation and, more importantly, gives a sneak preview of the right-wing’s messaging around the bill.

2) Earlier this evening, the AP posted their second major story around the ENDA vote in the House. This story was written by the AP’s Northeast reporter and therefore focuses more on Rep. Frank and Sen. Kennedy but the story will no doubt find its way across the country and prompt other potential localized follow-up stories. You can view the article either below or online at:

3) In the Sunday edition of the LA Times, a story profiled the Southern Comfort Conference’s Trans Career Expo that happened this weekend in Atlanta. HRC’s Communications Team provided the SCC with additional resources for press outreach and was able to secure this LA Times story about the SCC. You can read the story in Sunday’s LA Times either below or online at:,1,925955.story?coll=la-news-a_section

As ENDA makes its way through the House this week we will be sure to try and keep you updated with the best information we have coming out of Congress. Also, please be on the lookout for advisories about potential communications activities around the bill’s mark-up.


Brad Luna
Communications Director
Human Rights Campaign

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