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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Andrae Gonzalo Launches "The Andrae Conversation"

Intent on concluding the Project Runway chapter of his life, designer & fashion philosopher, Andrae Gonzalo is launching The Andrae Conversation, a new, interactive forum & retail experience designed inspire & empower fashion enthusiasts. The site will host conversations about men & women's real fashion & design struggles while revealing the relevance fashion has within our culture. Playful discussions will result in a series of completely original, one-size-fits all accessories that get people talking in 2 distinct ways.

Each accessory will be the result of compelling conversations with Gonzalo’s fans.
The styles, when worn, will command attention & start conversations.
“Fashion is about more than whether one is ‘hip’ or ‘square’, ‘in’ or ‘out’. It reveals social trends & breaks life up into enjoyable, digestible chucks”, says Gonzalo. In response to a current redefining of nerd culture & growing nostalgia for the early 20th century, Gonzalo's first design contribution to The Andrae Conversation will be an ingenious line of Quadri-Loop Bowties. Andrae gave fans a sneak peek of the bowtie on Lifetime’s current season of Project Runway All Stars. The designer, hungry to innovate his work further, added new elements to the accessory. These bowties are completely new to the marketplace because they:
  • are made with colorful, durable grosgrain ribbon.
  • contain 4 symmetrical loops (instead of 2)
  • are modular, can be mixed & matched with other Quadri-Loop bowties.
Since fashion can also make a statement, there is already a series of sleek, politically minded accessories ready to be launched for the upcoming presidential inauguration. For more on this, visit

For more LGBT business news, visit

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