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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Courage Campaign Responds To Chick-Fil-A Halting Funding For Anti-LGBT Organizations

The Courage Campaign, a leading LGBT rights organization, put out the following statement on reports that Chick-fil-A will stop giving money to anti-gay organizations.

Rick Jacobs, founder and chair of the Courage Campaign:

"If reports are accurate, this news is a big victory for all the people who stood up for equality and against hate. From politics to business to culture as a nation we are seeing a historic shift towards equality for all. While large majorities of Americans believe in equality, a few continue to discriminate against millions of Americans and stand in the way of progress. If true, today's move by Chick-fil-A is a big step in the right direction. Discrimination and hate have no place in this country."
Oops! Maybe not. Just received an update from HRC today, Sept 20, 2012

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