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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Paul and Matty Show

The Paul and Matty Show is an entertaining, inspiring, and often lighthearted hour of internet radio that caters to the GLBT community.  The boys like to say they’re the comic relief for the end of your day.

Broadcast live from New England every weekday evening, each hour is packed with celebrity guests, an all star team of regular contributors, and the always hilarious stories and antics straight from the crazy gay lives of Paul and Matty.

Thanks to their ability to be live, their content is fresh and topical:  stories ripped from the headlines; celebrity gossip from the latest movie or TV show; the latest trends in music and fashion; and an up to date look at what’s going on in and of interest to the GLBT community. With every topic, their goal is to find that which is inspirational and entertaining to their GLBT audience especially when they can make a point that helps tear down the stereotypes.  What sets these boys apart is their incredible rapport and their unique take on every topic as young gay men.

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