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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Gay Activists Recruit Kids to Fight Homophobia, a gay activist and T-shirt website, launched today and released its first viral video campaign targeting school kids with an offer of a free "OK4U2BGAY" T-shirt. The free pro-gay shirt will be shipped to any teen who simply makes a special YouTube video pledge to speak out against homophobia at school and support gay marriage. Inspired by the hit show "Glee," the organization released a slickly-produced musical commercial showcasing a same-sex teen kiss and kids dancing in front of hot-pink school lockers while singing a catchy pro-gay song.

Organizers say the teen-targeted campaign is in response to who they call, "ballot box bullies" - politicians who directly inspire a climate for schoolyard bullies to torment LGBT kids. They cite initiatives to ban gay marriage in North Carolina and Minnesota, "Don't Say Gay" Bills in Utah and Tennessee, and Rick Santorum's promise to "force-divorce" thousands of legally married gay and lesbian couples as motivation for their pro-gay message to kids. Follow Me on Pinterest

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