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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Social Responsibility Vs Personnel Responsibility On Being Out.

By Frank Vaca

What do you do when your corporation makes a donation to an anti gay cause?   Do you take it personally where you think that they do not care about your own welfare?   Do you think they are not having any impact on treatment of our community?   Are you just trying your best to survive in a poor economy so you will not do anything?  Are you counteracting what they have done by being out and proud?
I know my workplace knows they have LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) workers.   I am out in the job force.  I made a statement at a public comment meeting announcing I would no longer be in the closet.   I have a Human Rights Campaign Sticker, couple of books of LGBT Business, and a couple of pictures of my partner at my desk.    It is my responsibility to take care of these things and get my work tasks complete.  Rest assured I do get antsy when I read an article on my phone about discrimination going on.    I am able to pull our down falling world into the back of my mind and muster up courage to get tasks complete.  I bet so do you?
What happens when management does donate to an anti-gay cause?   You probably read about it and shake your head wondering why I am in this workplace?    While it is a reality if your working out you will get noticed. Gorgeous if you have the biceps, the only muscle which makes things work is money.  Management only cares about getting ahead. 
I read a comment about how a Target cashier feels when having to check in, shelve, and restock items when people bring items back in a protest.  The employees only cared about wasted time they could be doing finishing their own work tasks.  Being a former retail queen I have to vent its hard being happy in the work hours in a week. Your boss might be looking over your shoulder just to see you mess up.  These workers have feelings and emotions.  Do not forget the enslaved work force on the sidelines wondering wtf did my managers do that for?    
So what do you think?  Is being out in the work force a Social Responsibility or Personnel Responsibility? Does it help being openly and affirming to stop anti gay checks going into the hands of dirty people? Let me know what you think 

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