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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Author and Children's Advocate Calls Upon the World to STAND Against Intolerance

PORTLAND, Maine, Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ -- Brian J. Tessier, author and founder of We Hear The Children Inc., a member of the National Advisory Council of the Human Rights Campaign's All Children - All Families Foundation, calls you to STAND UP! "Children are dying at the hands of others or by their own hands," says Tessier. "Take a STAND against intolerance."

Tessier, a single gay father, knows the pain of coming out and the pain of violent loss. NOW is the time to put away political rhetoric, religious bias and hatred and STAND against intolerance. In an age where we sit at the web and social media purports to connect us, it is time we actually STAND UP for something. We Hear The Children and Tessier are calling for all people to STAND against intolerance, on December 1st, 2010, from 1-2 p.m.


"As we grieve together, we must stand in hope, BEFORE another child reaches for a rope." We MUST stand so all can see we will not allow this to continue! We cannot hide behind a monitor in the comfort of our home or office.


This is not about race. It is not about religion; in all religions, children are held in the highest regard. This is not about politics. This is not only about LGBTQ children, as children are dying by their own hand as a result of a perception, rather than a reality. It could be your child or mine. This is an issue about all children growing up in a tolerant world. We must erode apathy and replace it with action.


Tessier implores the LGBTQ community to STAND. "Historically we have not been a population of parents but, we have always been role models for LGBTQ youth." However, all children must see we STAND for them. Many of us can harken back to a time when our community was assailed by the death of many due to AIDS. Then, we as a community stood up and cried, "Silence = Death." We cannot be silent now; the equation is the same.


On December 1st, 2010 Tessier will be standing on the steps of the Capitol in Augusta, standing on the side of love for all children so one day he can tell his children, "I stood up." Will you STAND? This event is about being present, visible and taking a STAND, for all children. Register as one who will take a STAND or a group that will STAND TOGETHER by going to 

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