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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

CNN and Univision Should Go Gay Bowling

I recently had a discussion with an executive at a small company while we were discussing advertising on our site: and his question to me was, "Is there any company these days who is "not gay-friendly?" Um....

This week, there must have been something in the stars, but I won't even try and justify the actions of CNN and Univision in terms of their recent survey polls. Just to update you, CNN ran a poll that asked the question: "Are Gay TV Characters Bad For Society?" Today I learned that Univision ran an online poll asking, “is homosexuality compatible with sports?

What is the disconnect? Both CNN and Univision are both considered to be highly reputable media sources, so how can something like this happen? Do they have a smarmy little creature sitting in a cubicle that is assigned the task of creating poll questions that will attract attention? With no oversight?

Thank God for GLAAD! They immediately contacted these media idiots and got a rapid response. They took the polls down.  I also love part of GLAAD's response:

"We greatly appreciate the prompt responses from both and CNN. The next time any media outlet decides it wants to poll its viewers about whether gay inclusion is a good thing or a bad thing, we suggest that they instead ask themselves THIS poll question: “Does homophobia belong in the media?”
It must be tough to come up with poll questions day after day, so I've created a couple of suggestions for them:

1- Is Anderson Cooper "bad for society?"
2- Should we support media companies that make oops! ant-gay mistakes?
3 -Do you think CNN and Univision should make an on-air apology and donate millions to GLAAD?

You tell me.....

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