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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Orangina's Sexy Gay Cougar Ad

Oh give me a home where the Gay Sexy Cougars roam!

Orangina-France takes the cake on their new commercial which by the way will not be shown on television according to the No Site Agency.

The company, apparently famous for their creativity in commercial production has a series of ads running that feature animals using their products in various ways other than what you would think, "drinking it?"

- a bear using it as deodorant
- a giraffe using it as floor cleaner
- an afghan applying it to her hair
- a female panda standing oh so sexy, rubbing her breast and someone please translate....

Their latest shows a really hot male cougar shaving in front of a mirror and then applying Orangina as after-shave ending with a hot guy coming over to caress his clean shaven face.

Boy, they must really be free in France. This comes on top of the latest McDonald's gay-themed ad that got all kinds of attention in the U.S. Especially after one of their execs garbled to the Chicago Tribune that their's won't be shown here.

Looks like viral marketing is in. No?

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