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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Attacks on LGBT athletes in Copenhagen

We condemn the violent attacks against LGBT athletes and spectators during the OutGames taking place this week in Copenhagen, Denmark. This week we are all Copenhageners and we stand in solidarity with OutGames organizers and the very gay-friendly people of Copenhagen against this kind of violence.

Our thoughts are with the runner injured by the explosive devices at the Track Stadium today and the people who were attacked on Sunday. We are pleased to hear that all injuries have been minor and that runner will still likely be able to compete. We extend our full support to all the participants at the OutGames.

Copenhagen has a reputation as one of the most LGBT friendly places on earth. Even there, we are reminded that our community still faces those that would deny us our basic human rights, even the freedom to run in a track meet in safety. But we will not be discouraged; rather, we will run, swim, jump, throw, grapple, volley and perform at events like the Gay Games and OutGames, celebrating our right to love who we want.”

Media coverage of the two incidents:

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