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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tourisme Montréal Offers Insider Access to Gay Life in Montréal

When it comes to guidance, we ask our friends. When it comes to travel, we ask the locals. Tourisme Montréal combines the best of both worlds thanks to their new “Insider” program, with a Montréaler who will show visitors what’s hot and happening in the city’s gay life. Finding gay-specific information about a particular destination isn’t always easy, but Daniel Baylis, a longtime blogger, columnist and journalist, always has the inside scoop to gay Montreal.

So how is Daniel sharing his passion, expertise and love of gay life in Montréal? Online, where everyone can reach him. Daniel actively explores the city and regularly updates his blog on the Tourisme Montréal website with his latest adventures, but it doesn’t stop there. Come “friend” Daniel on Facebook, follow him on Twitter and check out his videos on YouTube. Do you have specific questions about gay life in Montréal? Just ask, and he’ll give you the answers. It has never been easier for travelers to learn from a friend “on the inside” about the latest local buzz.

Visit Daniel’s blog:
Become Daniel’s friend on Facebook: Daniel Baylis
Follow Daniel on Twitter:

Daniel is one of five Montréal “Insiders” who show visitors what’s hot and happening throughout the city in the world of arts and culture, epicurean life, gay life, nightlife and girls’ getaways. Recruitment of the five “Insiders” began early in 2009 and the selection criterion was rigorous and focused on integrity. Each had to be a Montréaler and possess a thorough knowledge of the destination, specifically in their area of insider expertise. Social media savvy was also a must, balanced by an embracing of Web 2.0 values including: transparency, humility, honesty, authenticity, innovation, listening and credibility. They are top-notch communicators, real and representative of the city’s underlying multicultural fabric.

Summer is the perfect season to visit Montréal, the “most European city in North America.” Let the Insiders take you behind the scenes and through the streets of this sophisticated city. Whether it’s history, culture, festivals, museums, the best restaurants, underground DJs (even underground shopping!) and a rockin’ music scene, Montréal’s offerings are as diverse as its visitors. The city offers great value options throughout the year with its Sweet Deals and getting there is easy with plenty of air travel options.

To book a Sweet Deal or customize an itinerary visit:

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