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Thursday, May 7, 2009



WHAT: More than 100 LGBT people and allies who are members of “Gay For Good,” cleaning up and removing trash along the Los Angeles Rivers as volunteers for “The Great LA River Clean-Up.” This is Gay For Good’s fifth volunteer event this year, donating over 100 hours to non-profits here in LA County.

WHEN: Saturday, May 9 - 9 a.m. - Noon

WHERE: LA RIVER / Marsh Park, Los Feliz (2690 Marsh Street, Los Angeles, CA)

: The diverse members of the all-volunteer organization “Gay For Good”
More than 100 members of “Gay For Good,” an all-volunteer organization created to energize and mobilize LGBT people to engage in service projects that benefit us all, will be volunteering their time to support “Friends of the Los Angeles River” (FOLAR) for a clean-up and trash removal project along the Los Angeles River at Marsh Park in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles River is one of the largest waterways in Los Angeles County. Storm drains from all over the LA Basin drain into the ocean. Along the way, the litter from people (cigarette butts the highest percentage of that litter), find their way to the LA River, and eventually our beaches and the Pacific Ocean. Enough trash to fill the Rose Bowl three times!!

The Great LA River Clean-up will be Gay For Good’s fifth service project this year and will mark roughly 1,000 hours of service by the LGBT members of this organization to local non-profit/charitable organizations. The group continues to grow since it was founded in December. Already over 450 members, we encourage others in the LGBT community to join. For more information, visit: or email us at: Our website launches in June:

Gay For Good has worked with organizations that include: Tree People, LA Regional Foodbank and Friends of Ballona Wetlands. Though the group has a full calendar of events, it is always looking for other organizations to support through volunteer work.

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