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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Genre Takes A Nose Dive

It's never a good thing when one our LGBT publications goes under, especially when one has been running for almost 20 years. But alas, that seems to be the fate of Genre Magazine.

We've been seeing the signs of their demise of the past months. Editor Neil Boulton left first and then my good friend, William Kapfer announced that he was resigning in March. There were also reports of subscribers not receiving their issues in December and even more disturbing, employees and writers not getting paid.

As reported by, CEO David Unger had this to say to his employees:

"We thank all of our readers, advertisers and editorial staff for their support throughout our more than 16-year history and hope that we can re-establish our relationship when times are better He noted that the decision to suspend Genre does not have any impact on other publications produced by HX Media, Window Media or Unite Media, which include the Washington Blade, Southern Voice, South Florida Blade, New York Blade and HX magazine. "Those publications will continue to publish and support their local communities," Unger said."

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