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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Camaro On Fire! and the new GM

Nothing like hopping into a red-hot muscle car to brighten ones day. Today, Calvin Fleming of Good PR, (who is the go-to man for General Motors public outreach for the LGBT) dropped by in a brand new 2010 Camaro to go for a test drive.

I was never much of a car-fanatic, but could always appreciate a nice design. This one reminded me of the days when my friend and I were 16, just got our licenses and he bought a new, bright yellow Super Bee. We were the coolest then, but wow were we cool today.

Calvin and I started rolling around Los Angeles and all of a sudden, I started noticing the looks on some of these guys faces in the other cars and also on the side of the road. Who knows if they were straight or gay, but they loved our ride. "Pull your tongues back in boys!" One guy even took a pic from his cellphone while driving.

This baby grips the road like she owns it. The 2010 Camaro is also very close to its original design when the first generation were produced between 1967-1969. I know what they mean now when they call them "muscle cars." This one made me want to go back to the gym.

Gays like gadgets! The interior of this model contains comfy leather seats, bluetooth and USB port availability and a handy personal device interface module for iPods. At one point, Calvin dialed into On-Star to get directions to The Abbey, (like we didn't know) and after the woman hooked us up, she ended by saying, "Thank you Maam!" I guess either the audio or her ears need some fine tuning.

I then engaged Calvin and his GM counterpart, Shad Balch in a conversation about the troubles the auto giant has been experiencing lately and what we can expect. Personally, I would love to own an American-made car, but everyone always advised against it.

Things are definitely changing since the bailout. As part of GM's restructuring, they have had to streamline their way of doing business in order to compete more effectively. According to Shad, GM was operating to match an industry where 14 million cars were sold in the U.S., when reality only dictated an 11-12 million market.

GM intends on returning to sustainable profitability in 24 months. They are streamlining their dealerships, managing unprofitable foreign operations and calling for considerable sacrifices from shareholders, employees and other debtors.

If their 2010 Camaro is any indication of what lies ahead at General Motors, I would say that we are going to see a new sleek company with great products that we can all be proud of again.

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