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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Betabrand Discovers Gay Jeans

Q:  How do I know these jeans are really gay?  Could it just be a phase?

A:  Actually, brand-new Gay Jeans look and act like any other pair of fine five-pocket denims.   But as they get older, they can't help showing their true colors -- literally!  Through washing and wearing, their indigo dye will gradually fade away, revealing a rainbow of fabulously colorful yarn.

Q: Can I prevent them from becoming gay by not washing them?

A:  This will merely slow the process.  It will also have the unintended consequence of repulsing friends and loved ones, regardless of orientation.

Q:  If I'm straight, will wearing Gay jeans make me gay?

A: No more than driving a Toyota will make you Japanese.  If you put on a pair of Gay Jeans and begin experiencing gayness, chances are it's because you're gay. 
Gay Jeans are out of the closet, but how many more closets will they end up in?   Launched on Betabrand's crowdfunding platform only yesterday, they've already more than doubled their funding goal.   Mr. Wheeler is celebrating this success by donating 10% of the proceeds to the San Francisco LGBT Center.  
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