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Monday, August 5, 2013

Theatre Review: "In The Dining Room"

 Studio C Artists, the LGBT-owned theatre in Hollywood, CA, launched their second series of brand new one act plays this past weekend to a packed house.

"In The Dining Room" is a collection of 10 original works that delves into
 various themes, including homophobia, infidelity, apathy, family matters and robot love. Three of the stand-outs include: "20:30," "A Line is Drawn At Ruby Tuesdays" and "Far From The Tree."

"20:30," brilliantly directed by Amanda Hallman and eloquently performed by Yuki Sagara and Wes McGee is beautifully written by James Edward Quinn. The story centers on a loving couple's last 15 minutes together before one of them (who is a humanoid robot) is deactivated because they couldn't pay the bill.

"Far From The Tree" stars Lena Bouton, Max Lichtig and J.Richey Nash. Penned by Bouton, the drama focuses on the hidden passions between step mom and step son as fantasy turns into a bitter sweet reality. Also directed by Hallman, Bouton and Lichtig are stellar as the star-crossed lovers and deliver a beautiful tale of unrequited love.

"A Line is Drawn At Ruby Tuesdays" is hysterical and stars Pippa Hinchley, Jorge-Luis Pallo, Grace Serrano, & Ramona Young. Written by Dean Donofrio and directed by Jason Weiss, a young couple musters the nerve to tell their overbearing neighbor to leave them alone.

The theatre provides a refreshing venue for writers to be bring their new plays to life. Actors have to opportunity to originate roles and directors try their hand at new material.

The theatre showcases 5 plays per evening and runs through September 14, 2013.
Studio C Artists is located on Theatre Row, Hollywood, 6448 Santa Monica Blvd. (between Wilcox and Cole) Tickets are $15 in advance and $20 at the door.

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