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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Allure Includes LGBT In Anti-Aging Survey

Allure’s first-ever anti-aging survey reveals that LGBT respondents are more attracted to people 10 years older than them.

This result and more is part of a national anti-aging poll commissioned by Allure magazine. The leading beauty publication questioned a sampling of 2,000 men and women to take the current pulse on the inevitable topic of anti-aging. The study examines how aging impacts every aspect of a person’s life, from relationships to the workplace, as well as, aging perceptions in pop culture.

Key findings from Allure’s Anti-Aging Survey:

·         LGBT respondents are more likely to be attracted to people older than them by more than 10 years compared to straight respondents
·         LGBT respondents think they attract people younger than them by more than 10 years more so than straight respondents do
·         73% of LGBT respondents think that women have more pressure to look young now than they did 10 years ago versus only  46% of LGBT respondents think that men have that same pressure

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