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Monday, June 4, 2012


DIRECT MALE proudly kicks-off the all-new, interactive - this June 18, 2012. DIRECT MALE is a Washington, DC-based online voucher company targeting the gay male consumer niche market by regularly providing upscale and unique goods and services - a virtual “best of the best” in dining, doing and buying featuring local and national offers from bars, clubs, restaurants, spas, salons, travel, hotels, cruises and much more. 

We’re thrilled to be launching DIRECT MALE across the country this June.  We’ll be offering a wide range of goods, services and experiences catering to the discriminating gay male consumer. We’re partnering with a great collection of national and local companies, while looking to further cultivate relationships with many more both large and small,” said DIRECT MALE President Andrew Isen. With DIRECT MALE, Isen brings 25+ years of integrated marketing experience developing and executing innovative programs for businesses and consumers. “Together with HERE Media, a leader in gay news sources and media distribution - across all of their digital platforms – we’re looking at June as our springboard for success.”  

Isen continues, “There will be comparisons of DIRECT MALE to Groupon and LivingSocial. We recognize these companies serve the mass market, while DIRECT MALE connects with the gay male consumer. Another question we’ve received is, will there be a ‘Deal of the Day?’ The answer is: we’ll have a regular rotation of timed ‘offers,’ garnering real savings. We know, through our experience, gay male consumers can be very brand loyal, and we are hoping for that support for our many partner companies.”  

When first launched in 1992, DIRECT MALE quickly became the most-effective program targeting the gay male consumer by utilizing innovative methods and a 100,000 person opt-in date base. Participating households received quarterly “card decks” in their mailboxes, including offers from local and national advertisers, including Jim Beam Brands, the National Gay and Lesbian Travel Association (NGLTA), British Airways and GlaxoSmithKline, among others.   

The national population of gay men over the age of 18 is approximately 12.3 million, while 93% (11.5 million) of these men are active online consumers. The gay male consumer earns nearly double the average household income and has nearly 70% more disposable income equaling a buying power approaching $900 billion annually (U.S. Census, Harris Interactive/WinMark Concepts).

Gay men are already spending their money on social and recreational products and services: dining out, travel, and personal care. DIRECT MALE will finally deliver the differentiation, and this affinity equates to brand loyalty, repeat purchases and a real difference. Decidedly more. Definitely me. DIRECT MALE. 

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